Tuesday, April 1, 2014

being real

Almost two months since I have been here?! Craziness. I feel the need to recap and write about why I wasn't posting (not that anyone cares, but for my journey).
Honestly, this semester has been incredibly hard on me.
Between school work, a new part-time job, family moving, etc., I saw my old unhealthy habits come back with a vengeance. 
There were times that I thought about coming here and writing about it-being real, but it is scary. I am a nutrition major because I LOVE FOOD! and admitting that sometimes I let my anxiety get the best of me is hard. 

This week has been good for my soul. The sun is finally out and shining, and I think that winter really is over-finally! I am motivated to be healthy and happy and not to dwell on the times that I mess up. This winter was looooong and cold. 
Yesterday, my friend Kayla and I went on a long run. She is running a half with me at the end of the month and it will be her first one. We started talking about things that we have been struggling with and it was such a blessing to me. I never knew that we shared some of the same issues, and I don't feel so alone about it.

How fitting that it is April 1, not meaning April Fool's Day, but the first day of a new month.
I am committing April to be a month of HEALTH & HAPPINESS! 
Anyone want to join?!