Sunday, April 21, 2013


I went for a short run today, sans music, and got some major reflecting done on how fast this year has gone by. As much as I want it to be August so that I can begin my career dreams, it is so bittersweet to leave my job that I truly love. The girls are like my little sisters and I love their parents too. I was a different person before I started nannying for them two whole years ago.

I also thought about how one year ago I was so nervous to be running my first half-marathon. Since then, I have completed numerous 5ks, halfs and a full marathon. It is amazing how far you can come in one year! Next weekend I will be running that same half-marathon and I am not nervous in the least.
God really shows you what you are capable of if you let Him.

Time is flying by and I am getting more and more excited about being at school full-time next year on the way to pursuing my dreams.

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