Tuesday, June 17, 2014

dear anatomy professor...

Dear Anatomy professor-
Remember yesterday when made an announcement to the class that "Kristen seriously needs to improve her test taking skills!"?! It was kind of rude. I am embarrassed to say that I cried on the way home. It isn't a pretty quality, lady.While I was polite and just muttered "thanks" to you, here's something that you should know.
This is undoubtedly the hardest summer of my life. My two sisters just moved across the country and my parents are in the process of doing the same.They are selling the house that I grew up in. The kitchen where I learned how to cook. The bedroom that I cried myself to sleep when my heart was broken. The driveway that I learned how to drive in.
All of these changes have caused my health to go haywire. I'm dealing with it. Your comment yesterday was a trigger for me. Another reminder that I am not the best at everything (or anything!) and it hurt me. Before you criticize someone in public, know their story. You have no idea what is going on in someone's life.
I have not missed a single class, assignment or even left a second early. I have not given up when it would be the easy thing to do considering your teaching is less than stellar. And I am not planning on it.
So here's a hint-if you have a comment for a student, say it in private. Don't embarrass them to make yourself seem funny.

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