Sunday, June 9, 2013

I smell summer

I officially have one week left of work and then it's summertime for me! I cannot wait. I have been feeling so burnt out and like I am running on empty (work-wise). It will be nice to have a break before I leave for school in the fall. I have been making lists upon lists of things to accomplish this summer.

always on my list: make pie.

Here's what's on the top of my list....

  • De-clutter my closet(s). 
  • Perfect a guacamole recipe. I want to make the best! Trying this recipe next.
  • some DIY projects I have been meaning to do...all year....
  • get an A in my class this summer
  • read all of the books on my summer book list.
  • fundraise and participate in the NEDA walk.
My summer will be filled with trips to Boston to visit my twin sister, exercise, pool-lounging, cooking, and shopping for my first apartment. I am so excited!

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