Thursday, October 24, 2013

secret weapon: applesauce

It's no secret that I love applesauce.
I put it on my dinner every night.
Pizza? Chili? A sandwich?
It's good on everything.

After 20 years of experience, I have discovered the best time to have applesauce:
while running.
When I was training for my first race, everyone told me to have gels or drink Gatorade after an hour. I couldn't stomach either of those while running, so I researched.
I read on SkinnyRunner about how she fuels with candy or anything to keep her blood sugar up.
The next time I went on a long run, I brought a pouch of applesauce and the rest is history.

*I like to keep them in the freezer and then take them out when I start running. It will be mostly thawed after an hour or so when you need it.*

What do you refuel with?

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