Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday

I loved Carrie Underwood on this month's Women's Health!
An article that made me think was How to Live in the Now by Tori Rodriguez.
This addressed an issue that I am so guilty of, and a huge reason why I haven't had time to blog!
The article talks about being mindful of thoughts and actions.
"Mindfulness means letting your thoughts come and go without rushing to figure out what they mean" (pg. 88).

I am not going to lie-I have been dealing with an extreme amount of anxiety this month.
I randomly burst into tears and my eating and sleeping habits are getting out of order.
What is most irritating is that I cannot figure out the cause of this anxiety.

Reading How to Live in the Now inspired me to take time out of each day to meditate or do some yoga. I pray each day, but I think that meditating is different. Focusing on the now instead of what will I do when I graduate?! Will hopefully help me to ease these anxiety symptoms.

Do you have any tricks for relieving anxiety?

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