Thursday, July 18, 2013

going vegan!

Eleven months ago I read the book that turned Bob Harper into a vegetarian...
And then me. 
I love the lifestyle change and 95% of the time I stick to it. The times that I really miss meat are 
1. when I have my period
2. when I smell a cookout

Basically, I don't miss it at all! I have been reading a new book this summer that is inspiring me to go even further...
I do not live in an area where veganism is popular.
I don't even know anyone who would consider themselves a vegan.
For me, the main goal out of trying veganism for a few weeks would be my skin.
I have never had terrible acne but my skin is never perfect or anywhere near it.
I don't like being photographed because my skin is either red and irritated or oily. Gross!
Granted I had been running for four hours when this was taken, but still, red splotches all over my face is never a good look.

I am really anxious to try out this change and am going to start it within the weekend. 
I don't know if I will last the full thirty days but I will try!
Has anyone tried veganism?

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