Tuesday, July 23, 2013

let's talk about clothes

Let's be real: the best part about working out is the cute outfits.
I know, I know....I'm one of those....
It wasn't until I started going to the gym religiously and actually enjoying being there that my obsession with workout clothes began.

I love this lululemon tank. I have it in two colors!

That being said, sneakers are no different. I wear my sneakers every day so it makes sense to invest in a good pair. I had been putting off getting new ones in hopes that I could hold off until my birthday in a few weeks. This working full-time for two years and then becoming a poor college student thing is no joke.

I finally broke down and got a new pair yesterday
I like the color of my old ones better-hot pink-but I needed sneakers for class last night and it's okay that my running ones are boring. I love the Nike patterned ones but they aren't practical for the amount of support my feet need!

While I love Lululemon, I don't think anyone can justify the price. The few items I have were my "reward" for finishing the marathon. My favorite place for workout clothes is (and let's be honest...everything)


Last week I got these cute shorts
and I plan on getting them in every color. 

When I feel great about the clothes I am exercising in, I feel confident and strong!
Am I right?

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