Monday, July 1, 2013

Julie and Kristen

I have always loved to cook, and more specifically bake. I was on the road to culinary school last summer when I took a Nutrition class and decided to pursue that instead. I cook regularly for my family, but mostly tried and true recipes that I know everyone loves (there are seven of us).

Since I will be living in an apartment with three other girls in the fall (and not getting a meal plan), I decided to step it up with my cooking this summer. I am going to be making NEW recipes at least three times a week for my family.

One of my all-time favorite books/movies is Julie and Julia. I reread it every summer-ironically I have yet to do so this year-and it gives me so much inspiration to cook and to enjoy it. I am certainly not cooking out of Julia Child's French cookbook, I would love to but my body would not love the calories. I am just trying to hold myself accountable to make delicious, healthy recipes that my apartment mates will love next year!

Tonight I made Skinnytaste's Zucchini Lasanga and it was SO good. I had my jazz music on and made my own tomato sauce for the first time ever tonight-it was so easy and turned out great!
Tomorrow I will be making some healthy banana oatmeal cookies and maybe some other snacks for yet another Boston roadtrip!!

P.S. I can't wait until Thursday....I am going to eat a REAL CHEESEBURGER!

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