Saturday, July 13, 2013

how to handle the breakup blues

My twin sister has been going through a long, complicated break-up with her boyfriend of 5+ years (crazy!) 
Even though she was the one to break things off, obviously she is still sad. 
Often times I wondered why I struggled with my break up so much. Now I know that it is so I can counsel my loved ones who are going through the same thing! 

Break Up Guide:


1. Go for a run. You will feel better, I promise! Exercise increases good endorphins that help you feel better!
2. Eat a healthy snack (you can indulge while out to dinner with your girlfriends!) "The greatest revenge is looking good."
3. Watch your favorite movie. Preferably one that is funny and not sad or reminds you of your ex-lover. For me, it's anything Julia Roberts.
4. Buy a great dress and wear it out to dinner with friends. Take pictures and post them on Facebook of you looking awesome and having a fun night out!

Well, who's to say that I am an expert.... But the worst thing to do after a break-up is to sit around and sulk. Get active and you will start to feel better!

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