Sunday, August 4, 2013

on being anxious

In three weeks I will be away at college, in a brand new apartment, with three girls that I have never met before.
I will be at the start of a great opportunity for my life and my future, and that excites me...but it also scares the bejeezus out of me.
They are normal college worries: having to make new friends, excelling in my classes, balancing jobs/volunteering, fitting in some God time, training for a marathon! 
I am excited to start this new chapter...but most of all I am scared.

I have always despised change. That could be the OCD side of me, but it's always been something that I try to avoid. 
For the last two years I have had relatively the same life. I took the same workout classes with the same people. I lived in an area that I have lived in for most of  my life. I knew everyone in my life and didn't really need to meet new people. 
And I felt stuck.

I know that this change is something that I need and even more importantly, that I want.
It's just hard to think about the fact that everything is going to change.
Any tips on transferring colleges?

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