Sunday, August 11, 2013

weekend fun

This weekend was full of food!
Admittedly probably too much...but everything in moderation, right?
We drove about an hour to O Wow Cow to try the famous ice cream.
I had mocha chip in a toasted coconut ice cream cone....
AKA it was the best freakin ice cream I have ever had.
Friday night I went out with friends to celebrate Eliza's birthday!
We went to PF Chang's for dinner and I got "Buddha's Feast".
Her boyfriend Joe just got back from doing service in England for a year!

Saturday I went to the beach with my family but sadly did not take any pictures.
In other news, I am dog sitting my god-dog Charlie this week.
He is the cutest maltese shih tzu ever
He fell asleep on the kitchen floor today!
And then in my arms later
He is just a few weeks old and seriously the cutest.

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