Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday #3

Today's WHW is brought to you by the March 2013 issue.

The article is called Eat This, Cure That! by Matthew Kadey, R.D.

"So next time you're suffering from jet lag, a sleepless night, or any of these other ills, just remember: There's a snack for that." 

Within the past year I have gotten more into "natural" healing solutions.
Nothing crazy-just peppermint tea and honey for a headache, but it really does work.
Eat This, Cure That! gave me a lot more insight into natural healing remedies.

1. HONEY: Sore throat/cough
2.GINGER: Muscle aches from a workout
3. KIWI: Insomnia
4. PUMPKIN SEEDS: Migraines
6. BEANS: Heartburn

I have not tried all of these-but I am going to! 
Isn't it so crazy (yet amazing) that you don't have to rely on medication for these ailments? 
Do you have another natural healing remedy? Share!

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