Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday

Today's Women's Health Wednesday comes from the November 2012 issue.

percentage more you eat of a food when you start your meal with it.
the takeaway: begin with salad or veggies instead of fries or bread"

I am so guilty of this!
I never used to order appetizers, but I have gotten into the bad habit of doing so.
Lately I have been trying to order a substantial salad or veggies so that I don't go crazy on the meal.
Don't get me wrong-I love going out to eat, but it can't be an excuse to go insane!
Unless of course it is your birthday like mine is this weekend. I fully plan on getting whatever I want.

Here is an easy swap:
At Red Robin, instead of getting the tower of onion rings...
Get the Veggie and hummus plate!
It comes with cucumbers, carrots, jicama, grilled zucchini, flatbread and hummus.

Then after enjoying the plate, go crazy with a burger or whatever you want!
Everything in moderation :)

Do you usually order an appetizer?

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