Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday

Linking up for the first time!
Here's what I am loving on this Friday...

1. Labor Day Weekend
Granted I have only had one full week of school, but I am excited for a break! I have a couple fun things planned including a cookout with friends, a family birthday party (with coconut cake, my favorite!) and making dinner with friends on Sunday night.

2. New Friendships
After a rough couple of days transitioning, I have made a great group of friends. I am so excited for this year now and for what's in store! 

3. Baby Buble
I may just be Michael Buble's biggest fan-and now he is a father! Is this not the most adorable picture?!
4. New Apartment
I am living in my first apartment (on my college campus). It was so fun to decorate my room!

5. This video.
We watched this today in my Nutrition & Culture class and it is hilarious.

Here's to a great weekend full of cookouts, coffee and relaxation!

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