Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday

If you know me, you know that magazines are my weakness.
What's even worse is that I am a complete hoarder when it comes to them and I can never throw them away! Every few months I give them away to my friends who are smart and don't waste money on magazines each month.
My all-time favorite magazine is Women's Health.
The magazine and brand is such an inspiration to me-both in my health and also career-wise.
The September issue is the best one that I have seen yet.

Each Wednesday I will be discussing a different article from either the current or past Women's Health magazines. It will be fun to write about the articles, especially since I reread them each at least five times!

By far my favorite article of this issue was....
The Most Important :05 Seconds of Your Life
about self-defense.
This one came at the perfect time as I was already registered to take a self-defense class this weekend!

The article focuses on listening to your gut and that females do indeed have female intuition! My favorite part was an excerpt called "What Fighters Know". It focused on 10 tips and how to injure someone in a vulnerable part of the body, such as their eyes and collarbone.
I loved this article because as a woman, I want to be able to feel safe no matter where I am.
I know that the key to feeling safe is knowing what to do should I ever encounter an unsafe situation.
I am really excited to go to this seminar this weekend-hopefully I learn some valuable tips to share!

Do you have a favorite magazine?

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