Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday: IRON!

I have always had low-iron and that was increased when I stopped eating meat one year ago.
I get very bad periods (TMI?!) and always try to incorporate extra iron into my diet.
I probably don't do well enough in this area, but it's one that I am trying to get better at!

(picture from here)
Today's WHW comes from the Women's Health website.
I love their website because it has most, if not all, of the articles from the magazines in an individual format.
This article lists 9 sources of iron to eat after a workout (and anytime!)
Here they are listed:
1. Lentils
3.White Rice
5.Kidney Beans
Go to the article for more info on these foods.
This is a pretty delish list! I never eat beef or oysters, but the others are regulars in my diet.
Hey, maybe I am not so low in iron as I thought!
You can make an awesome dish with most of this list: I am thinking all of the beans, rice, spinach and tomatoes? Sounds pretty good and very filling.

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