Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday

Linking up today for another 5 on Friday!

1. The Mindy Project is back! This is hands down my favorite current TV show. I might have gotten Hulu plus for the sole reason of watching this show.
P.S. I want to marry Danny Castellano.
2. In two weeks I will be a-flyin to Boston, baby! Besides the fact that it is my favorite city, we're running a race and I get to see my twin sister...I am most excited about being there in October. I can't wait to be walking down the brick streets while the leaves are changing!
3. Autumn Wreath time. I am a Yankee Candle kinda girl, and this week marked time to break out my fave, Autumn wreath. Since we aren't supposed to have candles, I went out and got an old school hot plate. I need to smell this scent every day or it's not really fall- you know?
4. TOMORROW! is the day I have been waiting years for. I will finally be seeing Michael Buble!! Words cannot contain my excitement! Also, I plan on being a major fan-girl at the concert. This means purchasing a t-shirt, coffee mug or whatever else they are trying to sell. I'm only living once!
5. Heading home after class today. It always seems like it has been so long that I have been away. I am glad that my friends are close with their families too, so we all go home the same weekends. I am excited to sleep in my comfy bed and wake up to my mom's pumpkin pancakes. She's the best.
And that's a wrap!
Have a great weekend!

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