Monday, September 30, 2013

finding a balance

This past week has left me feeling stressed to the max.
Over what?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I am doing fine in all of my classes, getting my running in, volunteering, hanging out with friends and family...yet I feel so on edge about everything.

Yesterday I didn't have time to complete my long run and I was beside myself.
"if I don't get in three more miles I won't be able to finish the marathon"
I am realizing now more than ever that I have such a desire for perfection.
I know I can't be the only one who feels that way!
I am trying to force myself to take a few moments this week for myself-drink an extra cup of coffee, take a nap, decompress. We all need to learn how to reward ourselves for our successes, and not to dwell on our failures.
At the end of this crazy week, I will be rewarded with a trip to Boston to visit my sister!
Gotta keep the end line in mind.
I wish I could document more meals on here, but lately my meals have been all about quick and easy! I am a huge fan of throw-it-in-one-pot meals that don't photograph well (maybe they would if I was a food photographer but I am not!).
Tonight I made a stew of sweet potato, black beans, corn, spinach and onion.
It was delicious and filling.
My goal in the next few weeks is to spend more time in this space because I really do love it.
Hope you are all off to a good start for the week!!

P.S. This post was written by a hormonal, PMSing woman. Keep that in mind when I sound like I am on the edge!

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