Monday, September 9, 2013


Never underestimate the power of a routine!
Since coming to school, admittedly I have felt a little out of it in many ways.
I am a schedule girl-and I am not apologizing for it-and I was thrown for a loop.

This applies especially to exercise.
At home, I had the same workout schedule for almost two years.
Between group classes and running, every day of the week I was doing something.
Here at school it is very different.
I felt out of schedule because there aren't as many options as I had at home.

I had been struggling the first week about it because I was worried that taking time to get acclimated with a new schedule would effect my strength and how hard I had worked to get where I am.

I have finally realized that I was doing too much at home.
I needed to give myself some rest time, and I wasn't.
I am really trying to get into a healthy routine and trying different kinds of workouts.
I know that you guys can relate. 
Have you had a life change that made you form a new routine?
Share some tips!

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