Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday: Skin

How is it Wednesday already (not to mention: almost OCTOBER!)?!
Today's WHW comes from the October 2013 issue.
The article is Happy Body, Angry Skin
and it is an issue I have always struggled with:
Yuck-even the word grosses me out!

Happy Body, Angry Skin discusses common skin irritations and what moisturizers to use for them. It is very informative, especially for someone like me who feels like they have tried everything! 
Who knew that you should be using different products for different skin irritations? Not me! 

This article inspired me to take control of my skin and my confidence, but I am going to go a different route rather than trying out different products. I have tried countless skin care creams and nothing has worked for me. I have spent more money than I would care to remember on trips to the dermatologist for them to tell me "it's hormonal". I just don't feel pretty or want to go out and socialize if my skin looks terrible.

I am going to incorporate foods that are proven skin cleansers and eliminate ones that are not. Most of these are things I already eat-hopefully making this list will help me to be mindful of them and how much I include them each week.
-provides moisture so that your skin isn't dry and flaky

-antioxidants and vitamins.
specifically B vitamins, thiamine and vitamin B-6 are great for your skin

-zinc, healthy fats and protein
*almonds and walnuts*

-iron and vitamin c. jump starts collagen production. prevents wrinkles

I have already been testing my dairy-loving self with this one. With the exception of my Chobanis, I am trying to get rid of all dairy. After a few weeks, hopefully I will see some improvement! 

If dairy doesn't help, I will try eating less gluten. I know that these are fad diets, but there seems to be some truths to them. 
At the end of the day, I just want clearer skin. If it helps me to eat healthier in the process, so be it!

Do you have any skin clearing tricks?
Fill a sister in!

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