Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sweat is sexy

In contrast to last week's glorious 70 degree weather, today is supposed to be about 93 degrees.
The humidity level in the spin classroom I took this morning was a whopping 88!
Needless to say, sweat is on my mind.
(or as I should say: dripping from my face profusely).

I have always been self-conscious about sweating while exercising.
I am tired of being embarrassed about finishing an awesome workout.
I know that I'm not alone!

It's time for this to become our mantra

and to realize that the benefits of sweat greatly outweigh the temporary embarrassment it might cause.

Sweat can...
1. Cool your body down
2. Relieve muscle tension and stress
3. Boost your metabolism
I love this buzzfeed. #13 is my fave!

The next time you finish a workout, don't run of out the gym, hoping no one will see you.
Be proud of the hard work that you put in, because after all...

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