Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I took my own advice today from yesterday's post and followed number 4.
I worked out twice today with friends and it was so fun.
We went to a BodyCombat class-one of my favorites! and got our butts kicked.
Then my friend asked me to go running and I couldn't turn it down.
Usually I prefer to run alone just because I always have, but I am glad I found a training partner!

So now, as I am sitting in my bed already so sore, dreading the pain that I will feel tomorrow morning, I am glad that I went with my new friends to class and I am glad that I ran those extra miles.
Friends are so important in every area of life.
They are especially important when you are trying to reach a goal.
Friends can push you and encourage you, helping the journey become a little easier.

I am not sure why I am feeling sappy-I just hope that everyone has one friend that pushes them to be great and achieve your goals!

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