Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cosi copy-cat quinoa bowl

Have you ever been to Cosi?
I went for the first time a few weeks ago and had the best quinoa bowl in the history of quinoa bowls. I don't remember the name of my order or even what was in it-but today for lunch I made a replica!
Spicy Quinoa Bowl
I didn't measure-I just throw everything in a bowl, heat it up and add some toppings.
Black Beans
Salsa of your choice (I like black bean, corn and roasted red pepper!)
Plain greek yogurt

Mix together and enjoy!
If you prep ahead of time, this seriously take two minutes to make. I already had the quinoa, beans, corn and tomato rinsed and ready to go. Perfect for when you are in classes all morning and spent lunch hour at the doctors getting a drug test....or was that just me?!
(the drug test is mandatory for my new job, nothing to worry about!)

I love making copy-cat recipes from restaurants.
Have you ever recreated your favorite dish from your go-to spot?

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