Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Women's Health Wednesday

Today's WHW comes from the October 2012 issue.

The article I chose this week is Train Your Brain by Selene Yeager.
Train Your Brain discusses the effect of exercise on your brain and your mood.
It goes through three points in the exercise: The first step, the high point and the afterglow.
I love this article because I know how true it is and it inspired me to think about how my outlook on life has changed since I was bitten by the workout bug.

"What's more, studies show that your  mental outlook can affect how you react to pain during a workout, which can influence whether you dig in or throw in the towel." (page 72 in the issue)

We are coming up on three years in October when my life changed. I know, I know...sappy, dramatic high school love story...but it's true. I got my heart broken and was depressed for a good year and a half.
At the time of the breakup, I had been struggling with an eating disorder for a few years.
I was always pretty thin but didn't work hard to be that way.

Fast forward to one year after breakup: I had chosen to take a gap year before college since I didn't even think about college during my senior year. I started going to the gym and taking a few classes.

I ran my first half marathon in April with some family and was so shocked that I finished.

In September , I was still pretty down about life and the breakup that happened almost TWO YEARS ago.
 I decide to sign up for my first marathon.
My promise to myself is that when I crossed the finish line, no more negative thoughts about myself. 
No more thinking about how my sickness caused the breakup.
No more wishing I was with my stupid-no good ex boyfriend.
No more thinking that I wasn't good enough.

In November, I crossed the finish line and it felt freaking awesome.
After the race was over, I continued running like I had been while training and loved the time to think. 

While I think my heart will always have a sore spot in it-or at least until I find that something better-exercise really did help me heal. Endorphins are one thing, but pushing yourself and realizing that you are strong is another. Making friends in exercise classes who helped push me also made me feel like a beast.

I can't imagine my life without exercise now. 
I am 1000% happier and healthier because of it.
Now go read Train Your Brain and you will want to exercise too!

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